Grizzly bears are sometimes referred to as "silvertip" because of their silver tipped fur. This is one feature that easily distinguishes grizzlies from the smaller black bears that they share territory with. I've photographed many grizzlies in Yellowstone, but this one was, in my opinion, the most beautiful.<br />
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The Silvertip Bear has one of the keenest senses of smell in the animal kingdom.

Therefore, is quite good at finding stuff. We, as Silvertip Digital, channel our namesake’s search abilities to find the customers to help grow your business.

But as an agency, we're so much more than just search masters...

We operate in a pretty congested market. There’s about one agency for every 10 clients, it seems.

So, we asked ourselves:

  • What makes us special?
  • How do we want to operate?
  • Why would anyone want to work with us?

The answer is simple. We want to work with clients on improving their businesses in an open and honest way. We want to ensure that the advice we offer is as transparent and useful as the platforms we manage allow.

We won’t bamboozle you with technical jargin (unless you want us to, of course!), and we will ensure that you get what you need from us for reporting purposes too.

If a campaign works, we’ll tell you why it’s working. If a campaign doesn’t work, we will tell you what we’re going to do to improve performance.

Finally, we want to enjoy coming to work. That means having an awesome team working with awesome clients. Come and join us, it’s fun!