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PPC Case Study For A Well-Known Footwear Retailer

About Schuh

Schuh is a popular footwear retailer from Scotland with its headquarters located in Livingston. They have over 130 stores spread across the UK and Ireland, making them a major player in the footwear market. Schuh is known for stocking a vast array of branded shoes, including iconic names such as Converse, Vans, UGG, Nike, Adidas and their own brand, Schuh. This wide range of products has helped Schuh cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of their customers, making them a one-stop-shop for footwear needs.

The Challenge

For ecommerce retailers, having a strong impression share against competitors is crucial, particularly in a crowded market. Schuh recognised the importance of this when planning their advertising investments. They were keen to maximise the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns without compromising on their position in the market. 

  • Maintain strong impression share

  • Reduce cost of sales

  • Enhance their return on ad spend

Their PPC and Marketing Objectives

Schuh’s aim was to carefully examine their account performance and identify areas for efficiency, allowing them to lower the costs of producing and selling their products (COS) while generating more revenue from their advertising investments (ROAS).

Silvertip’s Solution: Our PPC Approach for Schuh

To enhance the performance of Schuh’s campaigns, we transitioned their bidding strategy from Target ROAS to Maximise Clicks with a maximum cost per click (CPC) bid. This allowed us to improve their ROAS and COS by setting limits on certain keywords and removing those with high CPCs. Through this approach, we have maintained a similar level of impression share and clicks, while significantly reducing traffic costs. As a result, they’ve seen a marked improvement in their ROAS and COS performance.

  • Changed bidding strategies from tROAS to Max Clicks with max CPC bid

  • Added bid limits on keywords

  • Removed expensive keywords

PPC Results

By implementing our optimisation strategy, we achieved significant cost savings, with a 60% decrease in monthly spend and a 54% reduction in CPC rates. Despite these reductions, the number of clicks only decreased by 12%, while impression share remained consistent. While there was a slight reduction in sales and revenue, our approach resulted in an impressive 119% increase in ROAS and a significant decrease of 55% in COS to under 3%, compared to the previous 8%. By achieving a similar level of impression share and clicks at a much lower cost, we were able to deliver a stronger performance in terms of ROAS and COS for Schuh.

  • Spend decreased by 60%

  • CPCs reduced by 54%

  • Clicks reduced by 12% without changes to impression share 

  • ROAS increased by 119%

  • COS reduced by 55%

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