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We manage marketing activity that drives ROI and sets your company up for growth.


Pay Per Click advertising is our bread and butter. We have seen accounts range from the £100’s to the £1,000,000’s of monthly spend, each with their own unique KPIs. We believe understanding your business helps us optimise better, so expect us to ask a lot of questions.

Google Shopping Campaigns

GSCs are such a valuable marketing channel for retail businesses, bringing your entire inventory to the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). However, ensuring the feed is optimised and structuring your campaigns is key to making this channel perform as well as it should.

Paid Social

We love the flexibility you get through social media platforms and we love getting creative with who to target and with what assets. Ensure you are capitalising on such a vital part of the marketing mix by utilising the likes of Facebook and Instagram to the max.

Programmatic Display

Display advertising is so much more than dodgy banners following you round the web. You can now get super granular with who you want to target based on their demographic, their onsite behaviour or what their interests are.


Whether you re-engage customers through Display Remarketing, Facebook Ads, or Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA), it is imperative to understand the journeys they are taking and how your different marketing channels work with each other. Is your Remarketing incremental to your other channels?

E-commerce Consultancy

Working in house at one of the biggest UK high street retailers has meant we have an intimate knowledge of how digital marketing can be used to achieve different business objectives, be it targeting a desired Return on Ad Spend or focussing marketing spend on a desired customer profile. Our experience helps us understand what your business needs to operate successfully, and reach the right customers at the right times.


Silver Tip Digital Clients

About us

Silvertip Digital delivers first class performance marketing expertise with a service to boot.
We think that delivering positive reports isn't enough to be a truly valuable partner; we strive to understand your business and give you the attention you want. No business is the same, so we tailor our service to meet individual needs.

Part of that is being flexible to your requirements. Our bread & butter is managing performance marketing campaigns, but we have also worked with clients to deliver a variety of projects, for example:

  • running an RFP to bring PPC in-house and informing recruitment requirements,
  • providing interim support as a Performance Marketing Manager,
  • analysing attribution needs,
  • providing hands-on training to in-house teams,
  • cleaning up Google Analytics to make a client's data as clean as possible and providing dynamic dashboard reporting.

Silvetip Digital was set up by Henry Marshall, who spent 3 years leading House of Fraser's PPC & GSC Team, managing an 8-figure annual budget, delivering record breaking revenue and sales with a first in class PPC & GSC account structure tailored to the business's requirements.

The Silvertip Bear has one of the keenest senses of smell in the animal kingdom, so naturally, it’s good at finding what it needs. Therefore, we, as Silvertip Digital, aim to utilise our namesake’s sense of direction to help you find your customers, and your customers find you.

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